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AAO Technology Wastewater Treatment

What is AAO Technology

AAO technology (short for Anaerobic Anoxic and Oxic) is a modern wastewater treatment technology combining 3 stages of biological treatment, namely anaerobic, anoxic and oxic.
This technology takes advantage of anaerobic, anoxic nitrogen removal treatment processes to thoroughly treat organic matter, phosphorus and ammonia in wastewater, helping to improve treatment efficiency compared to traditional biological treatment technologies.

AAO technology diagram

AAO technology consists of 3 stages of wastewater treatment as follows:
  • Stage 1 – Anaerobic tank: Treatment of wastewater with anaerobic bacteria, removal of easily decomposed organic matter.
  • Stage 2 Anoxic: Treatment of wastewater with aerobic bacteria but no air supply. This stage helps remove nitrates and nitrites.
  • Stage 3 – Aerobic Tank (Oxic): Provides air for aerobic bacteria to decompose the remaining organic matter and oxidize ammonia to nitrate/nitrite.
Wastewater will be processed in turn through the above tanks with the saving time to ensure the treatment process is complete. The water after treatment will meet the standard of environmental discharge or reuse.
AAO Cong nghe xư lý nước thải công nghiệp

Operating principle of AAO technology

AAO technology works on the principle of combining aerobic, anaerobic and nitrogen removal biological processes to achieve high processing efficiency, namely:
  • Anaerobic phase: Anaerobic bacteria break down easily decomposed organic matter into intermediate products such as organic acids, CH4 gas…
  • Aerobic bacteria use nitrate/nitrite as electronic receivers to decompose difficult organic matter into CO2, water. At the same time convert nitrate to nitrite.
  • Oxic phase: Aerobic bacteria complete the process of organic decomposition by air. At the same time convert ammonia to nitrate/nitrite.
As a result, AAO technology can effectively remove organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen in wastewater to meet the standard of environmental discharge.

Assessment of AAO technology in wastewater treatment

Advantages of AAO technology
  • Thorough treatment of organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen in wastewater
  • High processing efficiency, meet environmental discharge standards
  • Stabilization of the biological treatment process
  • Energy saving due to the combination of anaerobic and aerobic treatment
  • Reduce odor pollution due to first-hand anaerobic treatment
  • No need chemical conditioner, simple operation
Disadvantages of AAO Technology
  • Large initial technology investment
  • Large construction area requirements for treatment tanks
  • Need to operate and strictly control the stages
  • Additional final disinfection is required if re-use standards are met.

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Application of AAO technology

AAO technology is widely applied to treat domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater with high organic matter content such as:
  • Wastewater treatment for urban living, residential, industrial areas
  • Wastewater treatment from food processing plants, paper, textile dyeing
  • Wastewater treatment from livestock, farms, hospitals
  • Wastewater treatment for chemical and pharmaceutical industries
Due to the ability to treat organic matter well and achieve high efficiency, AAO technology is increasingly widely used to treat wastewater before being discharged into the environment or reused.

FAQ about AAO wastewater treatment technology?

What processing stages does AAO technology consist of? Answer: AAO technology consists of 3 processing stages: Anaerobic, Aerobic and Oxic.
What are the advantages of AAO technology? Answer: The advantages of AAO are thorough treatment of organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen, high performance, process stability, energy saving, reducing odor pollution.
What wastewater treatment is AAO technology usually applied to? Answer: AAO is applied to the treatment of domestic wastewater, industrial wastewater with high organic content.

Design wastewater treatment using AAO technology

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