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Activated Carbon Tower Waste Gas Treatment

In the context of climate change and environmental pollution, waste gas treatment plays a very important role. Industrial exhaust contains many toxic substances such as SOx, NOx, VOC which cause air pollution and acid rain. Therefore, factories need to have solutions to thoroughly treat exhaust gases before they are released to the environment. One of the widely applied technologies is the use of activated carbon towers to treat exhaust gases.

What is activated carbon tower?

Activated carbon tower is a waste gas treatment equipment using activated carbon. Activated carbon is a type of coal with a very large surface area, up to 500-2000 m2/g. Thanks to that, coal is able to adsorb pollutants in the exhaust gas very well.
Processing Process:
  • The exhaust is fed into the bottom floor of the tower and flows upward.
  • In the process of flowing through the activated carbon layer, the pollutants in the gas such as SO2, NOx, VOC… will be absorbed by coal.
  • Post-treatment gases are emitted from the top of the tower with the concentration of pollutants having been significantly reduced.
  • The charcoal is cleaned periodically by heating to release the adsorbed substances.

mô ta hoạt động tháp than hoạt tính

Activated carbon tower structure:

  • Tower body: made of good heat-resistant material.
  • Tower liner: prevent the coal from falling out.
  • Dispersing layer: uniform air flow.
  • Activated carbon layer: 0.5-1 thickness .5m.
  • Gas distribution system.
  • Dust collection system.
  • Auxiliary devices: fans, compressors, control systems.

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Emissions treatment activated carbon tower rating:

  • High processing efficiency, remove over 90% of pollutants.
  • Low operating costs.
  • Can handle many different types of exhaust gases.
  • The equipment is simple, easy to operate.
  • Requires large installation area.
  • The processing speed is lower than some other technologies.
  • Coal after use needs proper waste treatment.

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Waste gas treatment activated carbon tower application:

  • Industrial waste gas treatment such as: power plants, metallurgy, petroleum, chemicals.
  • Dealing with odors in food processing plants, hospitals.
  • Waste gas treatment from wastewater treatment stations.
  • Clean the air in the factory, office.

FAQ about activated carbon tower:

Q1: Why is activated carbon used for waste gas treatment? Answer: Activated carbon has a very large surface area, up to 500-2000 m2/g. Therefore coal is able to adsorb pollutants in exhaust gases such as SO2, NOx, VOC very well.
Q2: How long does activated carbon tower last? Answer: Normally activated carbon tower can be used continuously for 5-10 years. Depending on the operating capacity and exhaust type the service life of tower can be shorter or longer.

Reputation company of activated carbon tower supply:

Activated carbon tower is one of the technologies widely applied to industrial waste gas treatment due to low cost, simple operation and high processing efficiency. The application of this technology will contribute to environmental protection, reduce the impact of air pollution on human health. Natural Star specializes in manufacturing and distributing equipment for industrial waste gas treatment systems, activated carbon tower is one of the products trusted by enterprises.

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