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Bac Ninh Wastewater Treatment Plant

Why do we need wastewater treatment?

Water pollution is a serious problem that threatens human health and livelihoods. In recent years, Bac Ninh province has seen a rapid increase of industrial parks, export processing zones and urbanization. This leads to a significant increase in the amount of industrial and domestic wastewater. Improper disposal of untreated wastewater will cause serious environmental pollution and adversely affect public health.

Bac Ninh wastewater treatment plant list

To solve this problem, the Bac Ninh provincial government has invested in building wastewater treatment plants concentrated in industrial parks and urban areas. The wastewater treatment plants use advanced technology to remove contaminants in wastewater before being discharged into the environment.
One of the largest wastewater treatment plants in Bac Ninh province is Yen Phong Wastewater Treatment Plant, with a capacity of 12,000m3 / day and night, capable of treating wastewater for Yen Phong I industrial park and part of Yen Phong II industrial park.
The plant, which has been in operation since 2015, has contributed to thoroughly treating wastewater, significantly improving water quality and protecting the environment in Yen Phong industrial park and surrounding areas. Specifically, the plant has processed hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of wastewater per day, helping to cut the amount of polluted wastewater discharged into rivers and canals.
The plant is designed according to the most advanced wastewater treatment technology currently is aerobic biological treatment technology combined with activated membrane technology. Wastewater after treatment will meet the standard of type A – the cleanest wastewater according to Vietnamese standards.
Thanks to the advanced and modern wastewater treatment process, Yen Phong wastewater treatment plant can thoroughly treat pollutants in industrial wastewater, completely remove odors and toxic substances, helping the water after treatment to meet clean water standards, no longer polluting the environment.
In addition to Yen Phong wastewater treatment plant, Bac Ninh also has a number of other concentrated wastewater treatment plants such as:
Wastewater treatment plant Phu Lam industrial complex (Tien Du, Bac Ninh ) has a capacity of wastewater treatment of 10,000m3 / day and night
  • Gia Binh Wastewater Treatment Plant: Scale 10,000 m3 / day, serving Gia Binh Industrial Park.
  • Que Vo wastewater treatment plant has a maximum treatment capacity of 12,000 m (3) / day and night
  • Tu Son town wastewater treatment plant: Scale of 20,000 m3/day and night, serving domestic wastewater in Tu Son town area.
  • Cau Ho wastewater treatment plant: scale 20,000m3 / day and night
  • Bac Ninh city wastewater treatment plant: scale 28,000m3 / day and night

The process of wastewater treatment at the plant:

  • Pretreatment – Cleaning of suspended solids and foam by sediment separation, waste water cooling.
  • Wastewater treatment by aerobic bioremediation – Using aerobic bacteria to decompose organic matter in wastewater, reducing the concentration of pollutants.
  • Activated sludge treatment Separate sludge from the bioreactor tank and proceed with activated sludge to remove bacteria and residual impurities.
  • Membrane treatment – Use a membrane that is capable of removing bacteria, heavy metals, and pollutants that remain in the wastewater.
  • Disinfection – Use chlorine to kill pathogenic bacteria that remain in wastewater.

Bac Ninh upgrade wastewater treatment plant

In the future, to meet the growing demand for wastewater treatment, Bac Ninh needs to continue to invest in upgrading and building more large-scale centralized wastewater treatment plants, applying the most advanced treatment technology. The solutions to be implemented include:
  • Invest in expanding the capacity of existing wastewater treatment plants, meeting the growing demand.
  • Build more large-scale wastewater treatment plants in new industrial parks.
  • Priority is given to investing in advanced and effective treatment technologies such as membrane technology combining biological treatment and activated sludge treatment technology.
  • To build a centralized wastewater collection and treatment system in combination with distributed wastewater treatment for residential areas and villages.
In addition to infrastructure investment, Bac Ninh needs to strengthen the application of information technology to monitor the operation of wastewater treatment plants, improve management and technical capacity for human resources. Environmental protection needs to be further focused, with the participation of the government, businesses and the whole society.
Wastewater treatment plant in Bac Ninh is both an important solution to protect the environment and contribute to promoting socio-economic development. Hopefully, in the future, with proper investment, Bac Ninh will have a modern and complete wastewater treatment system; thereby preserving clean water sources, fresh environment, bringing a happy warm life for people

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