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Bag Filter Technology Treats Dust And Exhaust Gas

What is bag filter technology?

Bag filter technology is a dust and flue gas filtration method based on the mechanism of absorption, which retains dust particles and flue gas in jar bags c.Ph variable drive in industries such as cement, steel, chemical, energy, and many other manufacturing industries. It is used to remove dust particles and waste from the manufacturing process and prevent them from entering the environment.

Working principle of bag filter technology

This process takes place through the following basic steps:
  • Step 1: The exhaust contains dust particles and waste that are sucked into the system through a fan or pressure system.
  • Step 2: The exhaust gas passes through the bag filter, in the process, the dust particles and waste are retained on the surface of the bag filter while the clean gas is passed.
  • Step 3: Clean air is discharged out of the system through the drain pipe.

What does the bag filter technology system consist of?

The bag filter technology system usually consists of the following components:
  • Bag filter: As the main component of the system, where dust particles and waste are retained. bag filters are usually made of heat-resistant and wear-resistant materials to ensure the service life and performance of the system.
  • Bag frame: Is a fixed frame for holding bag filters. Bag frames are usually made of metal or plastic and are designed to withstand forces and pressures during operation.
  • Fan or pressure system: Used to create pressure and draw exhaust gases containing dust particles and waste into the bag filter system.
  • Exhaust gas treatment system: Includes additional filters and adjustment devices to ensure exhaust gas quality meets safety standards before being discharged into the environment.

Reviews of bag filter technology:

  • High filtration efficiency: bag filter technology is capable of removing dust particles and waste with high filtration efficiency, usually reaching 99% or more.
  • Wide application: bag filter technology can be applied in many different industries and process various kinds of dust and exhaust gases of different properties.
  • Long service life: With the use of heat-resistant and wear-resistant bag filters, the bag filter system can work for a long time without frequent bag replacement.
  • Low operating costs: bag filter technology typically has lower operating costs than other filtration methods such as power filtration and moisture filtration.
  • Requires periodic maintenance: bag filters need to be inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure filtration performance and avoid blockages.
  • Temperature and chemical limits: bag filter technology has limits on the temperature and chemical properties of exhaust gases it can handle. With environments that are high in temperature or contain corrosive chemicals, bag filters can be damaged faster and require frequent replacement.

Bag Filter Technology in Exhaust Gas Treatment

Important application of bag filter technology:

bag filter technology is widely applied in many industries and critical applications including:
  • Dust filtration in cement, steel, woodworking and other manufacturing industries.
  • Waste gas treatment in the chemical and petroleum industry.
  • Dust and exhaust gas filtration in power plants, thermal power plants and processing plants.
  • Waste gas treatment in the limestone, brick and mining industries.
In Vietnam, bag filter technology has been applied in many dust and exhaust gas filtration projects.

Some typical projects using the bag filter technology:

Waste gas treatment project at Vinh Tan thermal power plant, Binh Thuan: Vinh Tan thermal power plant is one of the largest thermal power plants in Vietnam. They have used a bag filter system to treat exhaust gases from coal combustion, helping to remove pollutants and harmful emissions before discharging into the environment.
Waste gas treatment project at Vinamilk Dairy Plant, Binh Duong: Vinamilk Dairy Plant has applied bag filter technology to treat waste gas during production. The bag filter system helps remove waste and toxic gases, ensuring a safe working environment for employees and protecting the surrounding environment.
Dust filter project at Nghi Son Cement Plant, Thanh Hoa: Nghi Son Cement Plant, Thanh Hoa has used a bag filter system to filter dust during cement production. bag filter technology helps prevent dust particles from cement crushing and processing, ensuring no air pollution and protecting the health of workers.

Frequently asked questions about bag filter technology?

How often do bag filters need to be replaced in a bag filter system? The frequency of bag filter replacement depends on the nature of the exhaust gas and the working environment. Usually, bag filters can be used from several months to a year before replacement is needed.
Why do bag filters need to be cleaned periodically? bag filters need to be cleaned periodically to remove dust and waste accumulated on the surface of the bag. If not cleaned, the bag filter’s filtration performance will decrease and may cause system blockage.

Conclusion on bag filter technology:

Bag filter technology has proven to be an effective solution in filtering dust and exhaust gases in many industries in Vietnam and around the world. The application of bag filters helps reduce environmental pollution, protect the health of employees and surrounding communities.
With high filtration efficiency, flexibility and energy-saving ability, bag filters become a popular choice for factories and production facilities. At the same time, the maintenance and operation of bag filters is also quite simple, ensuring the stability and performance of the filter system for a long time.
However, in order to make the most of the benefits of bag filter technology, it is very important to select appropriate bag filter materials, design effective filtration systems and perform periodic maintenance. Natural Star Vina always complies with environmental regulations and standards, as well as continuously improving technology and processes to meet the increasingly high environmental protection requirements. So customers are always assured and satisfied when using our services.
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