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Complete Wastewater Treatment System Quotation

Complete wastewater treatment system quotation

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient wastewater treatment system for your plant or enterprise, this article will provide you with detailed information on quotes as well as factors to consider when installing such a system.

The importance of wastewater treatment

Before going into the details of the quotation, it is necessary to understand the importance of proper wastewater treatment. Industrial wastewater if not properly treated will cause serious harm to the environment and human health. Toxic substances, heavy metals and chemicals present in wastewater can contaminate water sources, harm aquatic ecosystems and even threaten human lives if directly exposed or ingested.
In addition, the discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment also violates the provisions of the law on environmental protection. Production facilities can be heavily fined or closed if they do not comply with wastewater treatment standards.
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The common wastewater treatment technologies

There are many different technologies for wastewater treatment, with varying levels of efficiency and cost depending on the type of production and composition of the wastewater. Some common methods include:
  1. Physical treatment: Using mechanical methods such as filtration, centrifugation to remove suspended solids and grease.
  2. Chemical treatment: Use chemicals to coagulate, neutralize, oxidize or reduce pollutants.
  3. Bioremediation: Using microorganisms to break down organic matter present in wastewater.
  4. Combined physical-chemical processing: Using a combination of physical and chemical methods.
  5. Membrane technology: Use membranes to separate contaminants from water.

Complete wastewater treatment system quotation depends on:

  1. Wastewater flow
  2. The composition of wastewater
  3. Discharge standards need to be met
  4. The processing technology is selected.
  5. Construction area
  6. Operation and maintenance requirements
  7. Equipment and consumables
  8. Labor cost of installation and operation
  9. Depreciation and periodic maintenance
Common cost estimates for wastewater treatment systems
To give you an overview, here are some common cost estimates for wastewater treatment systems:
  • Small-scale wastewater treatment system (less than 20m3 / day): VND 100 – 300 million for equipment and installation
  • Medium scale system (20 – 200m3 / day): 500 million – 2 billion VND
  • Large scale system (over 200m3 / day): From 2 billion VND or more
Note that the above figures are only for reference, the actual price will depend on the specific factors of each project. For an accurate quote, you should contact the unit specializing in providing reputable wastewater treatment systems for specific advice and quotes.
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Steps to make a detailed package quote

If you need a detailed quote for a wastewater treatment system, here are the steps to take:
Current status survey and information collection
  • Assessment of wastewater flow and composition
  • Consider the layout of the plant
  • Find out the current discharge regulations and standards
Selection of appropriate processing technology
Based on the information collected to select the optimal processing technology
Preliminary design of the system
  • Determine the size and number of devices
  • Schema of system principle
  • Calculate the required construction area
Make cost estimates
  • Cost of equipment procurement
  • Construction and installation costs
  • Annual operating and maintenance costs
  • Cost of labor
  • Other costs such as replacement supplies, handling chemicals, etc…
Quotation and negotiation
  • Aggregate quotes for customers
  • Negotiate and adjust the quotation if needed
With the detailed quotation process above, you will get a quote that is reasonable and in line with the actual requirements of the project.

Natural Star reputable design and construction unit

Finally, when deciding to invest in the construction of wastewater treatment systems, the selection of a reputable design and construction unit is very important. An experienced unit will offer appropriate technical solutions, full quotes, quality assurance construction and put the system into operation effectively.
When receiving quotes from units, make a thorough assessment of the company’s capabilities, experience, service quality and especially legal before making a final decision. By choosing the right unit, you will invest effectively and achieve the goal of proper wastewater treatment, environmental protection and compliance with the law.
The above are detailed information about wastewater treatment system quotes as well as issues that need attention. Hope this article will help you have a more comprehensive view to prepare well for this important system investment process.

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