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Distributes High Quality Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

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Producing and distributing waste gas treatment equipment in Vietnam

Air pollution is becoming an increasingly urgent problem in many countries. According to the latest WHO statistics, air pollution causes more than 7 million premature deaths every year, becoming the world’s leading “silent killer.”
In Vietnam, air pollution is also getting worse, especially in large urban areas and industrial parks. The main cause comes from uncontrolled industrial production activities.
Hệ thống lọc khí than hoạt tính activated carboon waste gas treatment

The demand for waste gas treatment is increasing.

According to statistics, industrial emissions in Vietnam amount to more than 200 million tons per year. Meanwhile, only about 10-15% of these emissions are processed.
This creates great pressure on environmental protection in Vietnam. The Law on Environmental Protection has also clearly defined the responsibility of factories and enterprises to treat emissions.
Therefore, the demand for investment in industrial waste gas treatment systems and equipment is increasing sharply. Enterprises producing and distributing high-quality waste gas treatment equipment are embracing this great opportunity.

Natural Star Vina – Top trusted partner about waste gas treatment

Understanding that trend, we have invested in research and application of the most advanced waste gas treatment technology. With more than 10 years of experience in the field, Natural Star is proud to be the market leader in manufacturing and distributing waste gas treatment equipment.

Diverse products, meet all needs

With a team of experienced engineers, with modern machinery and equipment, Natural Star provides a variety of products and equipment for waste gas treatment:
  • Dust filter equipment: filter bag, filter chamber, filter tower,…
  • Toxic gas treatment equipment: absorption, adsorption, combustion,…
  • Odor treatment equipment: odor separation membrane filtration technology
  • VOC treatment equipment, hazardous medical exhaust,…
Our products meet the strict standards of Europe and the US for pollution treatment. Especially suitable for factories and industrial parks in Vietnam.
Tháp khí wet scrubber

Great discount when buying products

In addition, when purchasing products at the company, customers also enjoy many attractive preferential policies:
  • High discount 15-20% for large order
  • Free maintenance package, lifetime maintenance
  • Support shipping, free installation
  • Operation training, free use of equipment
  • Nationwide warranty policy
With competitive prices, international standard product quality and good after-sales policy, it deserves to be the No. 1 choice for every business.

Benefits of choosing Natural Star Vina products

Choose us – you will receive:
  • Save on initial investment costs: Compared with imported equipment, the cost of domestic products is usually 20-30% lower. This helps enterprises significantly save initial investment costs.
  • Save on operating and maintenance costs: Synchronous design, streamline with fewer components, mobile parts. Thanks to that, operate less damage, easy maintenance, maintenance. Help save maximum costs during operation.
  • Easy to operate: The equipment is designed to be simple, easy to understand. Natural engineers will thoroughly guide the operation process, troubleshooting. The technical staff of the unit is also easy to master the equipment.
  • Good after-sales service: Natural Star is always ready to provide technical support and replacement parts. The fastest troubleshooting time possible.
In addition, Natural Star also regularly organizes free technical training courses. Help operating staff improve skills, better understand the equipment.

The common exhaust gas treatment equipment

Currently there are many technologies and waste gas treatment equipment applied in industry. Here are some common types:
  • Dust Filter System :Including cyclone, filter bag, filter tower, filter chamber,… used to remove solid dust particles in the exhaust gas stream before discharging into the environment.
  • Chemical treatment equipment: Use chemicals to react with pollutants, then put through filters to remove the solids.
  • Plasma therapy treatment equipment: Using high voltage current combines inert gas to make plasma. The initial cost is high but the operating cost is low, the processing efficiency is very good.
  • Thermal Combustion Equipment: Usually used to treat toxic gases. Use heat to destroy, convert pollutants into less toxic substances.
  • Integrated exhaust gas treatment system: Combining many different technologies and equipment to thoroughly treat exhaust gases before they are released into the environment.
Hope the above information is useful for you in the process of selecting waste gas treatment equipment. If you need specific advice, do not be shy to contact Natural Star Vina today.

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