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Industrial Mobile Cloth Bag Vacuum System

What is the industrial mobile cloth bag vacuum system

Mobile cloth bag vacuum system is a device used to suck and filter dirt in the air. It is portable in design, which can be easily moved to areas that need cleaning.Contaminated air enters the equipment through the filter bag, small dust particles will cling to the fabric fibers, the filtered air will escape out. Thanks to this mechanism, the surrounding space will become cleaner.
Compared with ordinary dust collector fans, portable cloth bag dust collector fans have the advantages of being light, easy to move and simple filter bag replacement. They are suitable for industries, small workshops. Users can bring fans to areas that need cleaning without fixed installation.
Industrial Mobile Cloth Bag Vacuum System

Structure of mobile cloth bag vacuum system

The structure of the mobile cloth bag vacuum system consists of main parts such as:
  • Motor cover: the outer part covers the whole machine, which helps to protect the inner components. Usually made of plastic or metal.
  • Engine: the important part that creates air flow that draws, pulls or pushes air through the filter bag. The greater the engine power, the stronger the airflow, the better the dust absorption ability.
  • Filter bag: the most important part, which determines the dust absorption and retention ability. Usually made of specialized non-woven fabric. There are 1-layer, 2-layer, 3-layer bag types… depending on the desired filter.
  • Filter bag holder frame: the support frame holds the filter bag fixed, does not slip off when operating.
  • Power plug: where the power supply is for the motor to operate. Can be a direct plug or use a separate power cord.
In addition, some types have features such as moving wheels, flow control valves, on/off switches… makes control and operation simpler.
The operating principle of the mobile cloth bag vacuum system
When power on, the engine will rotate creating a strong suction airflow. The surrounding air containing dirt will be sucked into the machine through the suction slot.
The same air flow of dust and dirt enters the filter bag. Here, dust particles will be retained on the surface of the filter cloth fibers. Meanwhile, the clean filtered air will go out through the blowing hole.
Thanks to the powerful engine and efficient filter bag, the machine can vacuum away dirt in large spaces, providing a fresh environment.
Users just need to turn on the power, move the machine to the location where it needs to be filtered, no complicated operation is required. When the filter bag is full, just replace the new bag and you can continue to use it.
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Types of mobile cloth bag vacuum system

There are several common types used:
  • Industrial mobile cloth bag dust collector fan: large capacity, suitable for waste gas treatment from factories, large-scale workshops. Using specialized multi-layer filter bags for high efficiency.
  • Portable cloth bag dust collector fan clean room: used in clean rooms, laboratories to ensure a dust-free environment. Compact design, quiet operation.
  • Activated carbon bag hood fan: this type of activated carbon filter bag is able to effectively absorb odors. Usually used to treat flue gases with characteristic odors such as in food processing plants, paint workshops…
  • Chemical dust collector: special filter bag resistant to chemicals, used in chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Fan dust collector sterilization: built-in UV lamp air sterilization, ensure absolute sterility. Used in medical, pharmaceutical industry…

Benefits of portable cloth bag vacuum system

  • Portable, flexible: can be easily carried anywhere that needs dust filtration, no fixed installation is required.
  • Effective dust filtration: specialized filter bags clean ultrafine dust. Strong capacity, wide area cleaning.
  • Simple maintenance: just change the filter bag periodically, no complicated maintenance is required. Low operating cost.
  • Space saving: does not occupy as much area as fixed air filtration system. Can be placed in the corner.
  • Safety: quiet operation, no noise, shake. No danger to workers.
  • Affordable: the price is much lower than large-sized air filtration systems.
Thanks to the above advantages, portable cloth bag vacuum fans are increasingly favored in many industries, helping to treat exhaust gases efficiently at low cost.
Application of mobile cloth bag vacuum system
  • Industrial waste gas treatment: widely used in factories, workshops, industrial complexes. Helps to remove dust, harmful gases from the production line.
  • Clean the air in the factory, office: suck dirt, pollen floating in the air. Create a fresh working environment.
  • Treatment of food and pharmaceutical odors: eliminate unpleasant odors in processing plants.
  • Air filtration in clean rooms, laboratories: ensuring absolute cleanliness for biomedical research.
  • Clean the air in the hospital: support the treatment of respiratory patients, prevention of cross-infection.

FAQ mobile cloth bag vacuum system

Why use the mobile cloth bag vacuum system?
Systems have many advantages such as flexible mobility, efficient dust filtration, simple maintenance, saving area. They are suitable for cleaning the air in many industrial, home environments.
How long does it take to replace the dust collector filter bag?
The replacement time of filter bags is usually about 3-6 months, depending on the level of use and the dirt of the air. When the air flow decreases, the filter bag should be replaced to ensure the working efficiency.
Can cloth bag dust collector be used to filter cigarette smoke?
Yes, modern cloth bag fans are very good at filtering out cigarette smoke. However, filter bags need to be replaced more often to maintain efficiency.
How to clean and store cloth bag dust collector fan?
Clean the surface of the device with a soft towel to remove dirt. Do not use harsh solvents or detergents. Store in a dry place, avoid direct sunlight and strong impact.
Reputation and quality of mobile cloth bag vacuum system distribution company?
Natural Star Vina a long-term reputable company specializing in distributing quality mobile cloth bag fans. Consulting, designing and constructing exhaust gas treatment systems for domestic and foreign enterprises, factories and enterprises.

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