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Industrial Waste Gas Treatment Equipment

What is industrial waste gas treatment equipment?

Industrial waste gas treatment equipment is equipment designed and installed to treat emissions arising from industrial production activities before being discharged into the surrounding environment. Industrial exhaust often contains many pollutants such as dust, SO2, NOx, CO, VOC, organic compounds,….. It should be treated to remove these toxic substances before being discharged, minimizing the adverse impact on the environment.
Benefits and importance of waste gas treatment equipment:
  • Reducing air pollution, protecting the environment and public health are the biggest benefits of treating emissions.
  • Saving materials and energy for enterprises: heat recovery, reuse of waste materials.
  • Meet the State’s environmental regulations: avoid penalties for toxic gas emissions.
  • Enhance corporate image: demonstrate social and environmental responsibility.

quạt ly tâm hệ thống tháp khí Bắc Giang

Types of industrial waste gas treatment equipment:

There are many different types of industrial waste gas treatment equipment, each with its own structure and principle of operation to treat specific pollutants in exhaust gases. Some common types of equipment include:
  • Bag filter, electrostatic filter: filter dust particles in exhaust gas
  • Gas washing tower: wash toxic gases such as SO2, NO2 with water or chemical solution
  • Catalytic oxidation system: VOC treatment, smell by catalytic and heat combustion
  • Adsorption system: absorb SO2, NOx, VOC by activated carbon, zeolite
  • NOx reduction device: convert NO to N2 by NH3 and catalyze
  • Heat recovery machine: recover heat from flue gas by heat exchanger

Waste gas treatment absorption tower (Scrubber)

Industrial exhaust gases often contain many toxic substances such as H2SO4, HNO3, HCl, H2S, HF, NH3, SOx, NOx, Chlorine gas and organic solvents. These substances are very harmful to human health and the environment if not treated.
Waste gas treatment towers use water or chemical solutions to absorb the harmful substances in the exhaust gas. Thereby helping to reduce the concentration of pollutants below the safe threshold before being discharged into the atmosphere.
This method has high efficiency, reaching 90-99%, so it is widely applied to treat industrial emissions to ensure compliance with QCVN 20: 2009 / BTNMT of Vietnam.

High-pressure centrifugal fan

Application in industries such as forging, chemical, electroplating, acid-base, ceramics, batteries, radio. It is used for high pressure forced wind blowing for the purpose of ventilation, cooling or material transportation.
The cable high centrifugal fan can be widely applied in the industries of food processing, animal feed, mineral to transport granular materials, powder.
Centrifugal fans are often combined with machinery equipment, production lines to provide high-pressure airflow for the production process. The maximum gas temperature is 80 degrees Celsius and the maximum dust amount is 150mg / m3.

Thiết bị hệ thống xử lý khí thải công nghiệp tại Bắc Ninh Bắc Giang

How the waste gas treatment equipment works:

Each type of waste gas treatment equipment has its own operating principle to remove pollutants. Specifically:
  • Filter: using mechanical force, filter hole to retain dust particles.
  • Washing tower: use chemical absorption mechanism to absorb toxic gas into solution.
  • Catalytic: uses a catalytic oxidation reaction to break down pollutants into less toxic substances.
  • Adsorption: uses molecular gravity to attach contaminants to the surface of the material.
  • Heat Exchanger: uses reverse heat flow to recover heat energy.

FAQ about waste gas treatment equipment:

  • What equipment is effective in filtering dust in exhaust gas? (Electrostatic filter)
  • What equipment can handle many toxic gases such as SO2, NOx? (Gas washing tower)
  • Recovering heat from exhaust by what equipment? (Heat recovery machine)
  • What equipment is commonly used to treat NOx? (NOx NH3 removal equipment)
You are interested in waste gas treatment equipment, as well as free advice on waste gas treatment solutions suitable for the scale of each project, saving maximum costs and achieving emission standards according to QCVN. Please contact us Natural Star Vina – a reputable company in the field of waste gas treatment.

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