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Installation of Industrial Water Filtration Systems in Bac Ninh

The importance of industrial water filtration systems

Water is an extremely important factor in the operation of factories and enterprises. A stable, clean water supply is a prerequisite to ensure a continuous and efficient production process. In Bac Ninh – the leading developed industrial center in the North, in order to meet the increasing water demand of industrial parks and export processing zones, the investment of modern industrial water filtration systems is extremely necessary.
Industrial water filtration systems will remove harmful substances in the water such as chemical impurities, heavy metals, bacteria, etc… thereby bringing pure water, ensuring the safety of workers and product quality. In addition, water after filtration also minimizes the problems of pipeline corrosion, cooling system congestion and helps prolong the life of equipment and machines.

Common types of industrial water filtration systems

On the market today there are many different industrial water purification technologies and equipment, of which some of the most common are:
Mechanical filtration : Using sand, gravel, activated carbon, etc… to remove solid impurities such as sand, mud or suspended solids in raw water.
Advantage: Low initial investment cost, easy to operate.
RO water filtration system : Use high pressure to force raw water through reverse osmosis membrane, retaining dissolved minerals and salts, providing high purity water.
Advantage: Removes bacteria, viruses and a variety of dissolved impurities.
Ultraviolet filtration : Uses UV light to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens in the water.
Advantage: Safe for environment and people, easy to maintain.
It is also possible to combine many different filtration technologies to create a complete water filtration system with maximum removal of impurities in raw water.
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Choosing a reputable water filtration system installation unit

In order to be able to choose a water filtration system that suits your needs and budget, businesses need to look for a unit specializing in providing reputable and capable industrial water filtration system installation services. Some criteria to note when choosing include:
  • Have a business license and operate legally
  • Have a skilled technical team, well trained
  • Use genuine water purification equipment and technology
  • Commitment to service quality and installation time
  • Technical support and long-term warranty
  • There are a variety of water filtration models and solutions
In particular, the reputation of the service provider is the key factor that determines the final decision of the customer. A reputable unit will bring peace of mind to customers about the quality as well as the long-term performance of the water filtration system.

The installation process of water filtration system ensures the standard

The installation of an industrial water filtration system requires professionalism and strict adherence to technical processes. The basic implementation steps include:
Step 1: Survey and design
The technicians will conduct a survey of the environment, water source, how to use at the factory to design a suitable water filtration system.
Step 2: Selection of filter equipment and technology
Based on the survey results and customer requirements, the unit will select standard water purification equipment, which is most suitable for actual conditions.
Step 3: Install the equipment and piping
The technicians will make detailed drawings, prepare water lines, install filter tanks, exhaust valves,…..strictly according to design and technical standards.
Step 4: Test run and calibration
After installation is completed, the system will be run to test the operation, timely correct the remaining errors, ensure the system works stably and effectively.
With the above professional process, business will have a water filtration system that works smoothly and continuously, meeting industry standards and bringing clean and safe water to production activities.

Maintenance and maintenance of water filtration systems

With each different water filtration solution, manufacturers often recommend different maintenance schedules for equipment, parts and systems to maintain optimal filtration performance. Some of the basic things to do periodically include:
  • Periodically wash the sink, filter tank, storage tank…
  • Replace RO membranes, filters of all kinds on time.
  • Check, tighten the connecting tube, replace the gasket, seal if necessary.
  • Refill and replace chemicals used in water filtration.
  • Check the measurement equipment, automatic control of the system.
In addition, periodic cleaning of the system, not to deposition impurities and organisms is an important measure to help extend the service life and maintain the operational efficiency of the water filtration system.

FAQ the industrial water filtration systems

Question: What water filtration technology is suitable for my factory?
Answer: Depending on raw water characteristics, scale and industry of production, the plant can choose the most suitable filtration technology for RO, Ultrafiltration, Ozone, UV, etc… Or combine multiple technologies to achieve superior efficiency.
Question: How much is the investment cost for a water filtration system?
Answer: The investment cost depends on the factors: filtration capacity, filtration technology/equipment used, installation and operation costs. Usually about 200 – 800 million VND for small capacity systems, and up to billions of VND for large industrial lines.
Question: How long does the installation take?
Answer: Depending on system capacity and size, the installation time may take from 1-4 weeks. The process will include survey, design, pipeline system preparation, equipment installation and trial running…
Question: How does the water filter system need to be maintained?
Answer: It is recommended to plan periodic maintenance quarterly or annually with tasks: membrane washing, system cleaning, wear and tear spare parts replacement, solenoid valve inspection,… to ensure the system always works stable, high efficiency.
Hopefully the above questions and answers will provide more useful information for you to read about the field of industrial water filtration.

The company installed water filtration system in Bac Ninh

Natural Star Vina is a leading Korean company in the design, construction and installation of prestigious industrial water filtration systems in Bac Ninh, Bac Giang and nationwide.
  • 10 years of experience in industrial water filtration
  • Professional training from Korea
  • Construction of over 200 industrial water filtration systems for factories, enterprises, large and small production lines
  • Consulting, construction design in accordance with the scale, maximum cost savings and operation
  • Standard and high quality machinery and equipment
  • Professional warranty and maintenance mode
Looking for a reputable unit to install industrial water filtration systems, Natural Star Vina will meet all your needs.

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