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Periodic Environmental Monitoring Reports

Why do we need environmental awareness and reporting?

Environmental monitoring plays an important role in assessing the pollution situation and the effectiveness of environmental protection measures. However, this monitoring requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of regulatory standards. Here, the Environmental Monitoring Consulting and Reporting service becomes a necessary step, helping businesses and organizations to maintain a clean and safe environment.
Environmental Care Consultants
Environmental monitoring consultancy is the process of locating monitoring sites, selecting equipment and determining the necessary monitoring parameters. We at Natural Star Vina have a team of experienced technical experts in environmental monitoring consultancy, ensuring that the monitoring process is carried out properly and meets quality standards.

Environmental concern report

  1. Environmental monitoring reports are an important step to analyze and evaluate monitoring data. We at Natural Star Vina provide accurate and detailed environmental monitoring reporting services, helping businesses better understand the environmental pollution situation and take necessary measures.
  2. Benefits of Environmental Concern Consulting and Reporting
  3. Understanding the Environment: This service helps businesses have a clear view of the surrounding environment and the impacts of industrial activities.
  4. Regulatory Response: By consulting and reporting on environmental monitoring, businesses can ensure that they comply with environmental laws and regulations.
  5. Optimize Operations: Data from environmental monitoring can help businesses optimize operations, make improvements, and minimize negative impacts on the environment.
Experience in environmental consulting and reporting
With many years of operation in the field of environment, we at Natural Star Vina have accumulated rich experience in consulting and reporting environmental monitoring for different businesses and organizations.
Expertise in environmental advisory and reporting
  1. Our team of technical experts have a deep understanding of environmental monitoring methods, from setup to data analysis. We always ensure that our environmental monitoring consulting and reporting services meet the highest quality standards.
  2. Tips for Environmental Concern Consulting and Reporting
  3. Clear Objectives: Set specific goals for the environmental monitoring consultation and reporting process to ensure accuracy and effectiveness.
  4. Use of Modern Equipment: Use modern environmental monitoring equipment to ensure the accuracy and reliability of data.
  5. Periodic Assessment: Perform periodic environmental monitoring and assessment to monitor changes and take timely measures.

Legal grounds for making environmental reports

  1. The preparation of environmental reports is not only a responsible task of enterprises and organizations, but also complies with regulations and legal bases of Vietnamese law. The 2014 Law on Environmental Protection and related guiding documents have set out specific regulations on the preparation of environmental reports, in order to ensure a sustainable and safe environment. Enterprises and organizations need to comply with these regulations in the process of conducting business activities.
  2. Law on Environmental Protection No. 55 / 2014 / QH13 of 23/06/2014;
  3. Decree No. 18 / 2015 / ND-CP dated 14/02/2015 of the Government on strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection plan;
  4. Circular No. 27 / 2015 / TT-BTNMT promulgating 29/05/2015 regulations on strategic environmental assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection plan;
  5. Circular No. 26 / 2015 / TT- BTNMT 28/05/2015 on the regulation of detailed environmental protection schemes and simple environmental protection schemes;
  6. Circular No. 27 / 2015 / TT- BTNMT on strategic environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment and environmental protection plan.

Subjects must make environmental concern statements

  1. According to the law, businesses, organizations or individuals whose activities may negatively affect the environment need to make environmental monitoring reports. This includes industries that produce, process, handle, transport polluting goods, and industries that generate emissions, wastewater or hazardous waste. Making environmental monitoring reports helps to monitor, assess and manage negative impacts on the environment.
  2. Process of Implementing Periodic Environmental Reporting
  3. Determining the Reporting Cycle: First, businesses need to determine the periodic environmental reporting cycle that is suitable for business activities and legal requirements. This cycle is usually annual or according to specific regulations of environmental management agencies.
  4. Data Collection: Next, the enterprise collects data on environmental monitoring indicators related to production and operation activities. This data includes information on emissions, wastewater, waste, pollutants in the production process.
  5. Data Analytics: After collecting data, the business conducts an analysis to assess the impact of production activities on the environment. This analysis helps determine the level of compliance with environmental regulations and standards.
  6. Report Drafting: Environmental reports are prepared based on the results of data analysis. This report needs to present clearly, in detail and objectively the environmental situation in the determination cycle.
  7. Auditing and Approval: The report after drafting should be inspected and approved by internal experts or environmental management agencies. This ensures the accuracy and reliability of the information in the report.
  8. Submit a Report: Finally, the environmental report is submitted to the regulatory environmental management agency. This report will be the basic document to assess and check the compliance of enterprises with environmental regulations.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do you need to consult and report on environmental monitoring? Consulting and reporting on environmental monitoring helps businesses understand the environmental situation and meet environmental regulations.
  2. When should environmental monitoring be carried out? Environmental monitoring should be carried out periodically to monitor changes and respond promptly to abnormal situations.
  3. Benefits of consulting and reporting on environmental monitoring? This helps businesses ensure a clean and safe environment, meet legal regulations and optimize operations.


Environmental Management Consulting and Reporting Service at Natural Star Vina is a harmonious combination of experience, expertise and commitment to environmental sustainability. We are committed to providing high-quality consulting and reporting services, helping businesses better understand the environmental situation and ensure compliance with legal regulations.
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