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Prestigious waste gas treatment company in Bac Ninh 

Along with the development of industrial parks, air pollution in Bac Ninh and Bac Giang is a serious problem. According to statistics, Bac Ninh has more than 32,000 enterprises operating in various industries such as textiles, leather and shoes, processing agricultural products… Meanwhile, in Bac Giang, there are more than 7,200 enterprises operating with the main industries of electronics and garment manufacturing…
These factories and enterprises mainly emit toxic emissions such as dust, NOx gas, SO2, VOC that adversely affect the surrounding environment, public health as well as the quality of life. Therefore, the management, monitoring and treatment of emissions is an urgent issue.

The effect of emissions from factories

  • Environment: Air pollution, acid rain, ozone depletion, climate change, soil and water pollution…
  • Health: Irritation of the nose, throat, eyes, shortness of breath, cough. In the long run higher than the safe threshold causes lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, memory loss in children…
  • Agriculture: Affects the quality of cropland, causing many crops to sag, die, quality as well as productivity decline.

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Effective waste gas treatment methods for industrial plants

Industrial flue gas treatment technology includes many different methods, depending on the composition of the flue gas. Industrial flue gas usually consists of a mixture of many components such as toxic gases, impurities, dust, ammonia compounds, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, lead, carbon (COx), sulfur (SOx), nitrogen (Nox), etc… born in the process of machine operation, production activities of factories, factories.

Burning method

  • Advantages: Complete destruction of organic pollutants, high treatment efficiency > 99%, can treat a variety of toxic exhaust gases.
  • Cons: Requires large energy sources to maintain temperature, high operating costs, NOx emissions, CO.
  • Application: Cement industry, metallurgy, waste treatment, industrial days produce many toxic organic compounds evaporated.

The biological method

  • Advantage: Low operating cost, eco-friendly, technologically stable.
  • Cons: Requires large area, slow processing speed, lower performance (60-80%).
  • Application: Waste gas treatment with non-high pollution concentration, containing biodegradable organic compounds such as food and pharmaceutical industry…

Absorption method

  • Advantage: High pollutant removal efficiency, no secondary waste generation.
  • Cons: High initial investment cost, complex system design required.
  • Application: Paint industry, solvent, chemical (VOC), petroleum (H2S)…

Catalytic method

  • Advantages: Effectively handle some toxic gases such as NOx, SOx, VOCs…
  • Cons: Easily poisoned by toxins at the catalytic surface, short service life.
  • Application: Coal-fired power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical…
Thus, depending on the characteristics of the exhaust gas and the conditions of application, choosing the appropriate treatment method to bring the highest efficiency.

Systems and equipment commonly used for industrial waste gas treatment include:

  1. Scrubber tower: Has the effect of removing toxic gases such as SO2, NOx, VOC… by washing with a chemical solution.
  2. Centrifugal Cyclone: used to settle dust particles larger than 10 microns. Simple, low cost.
  3. Electrostatic dust filter: uses a high voltage electric field to generate free electrons. These electrons will attach to dust particles causing them to be charged and attracted to the collector plates.
  4. Air filter: This is a device that uses membranes made of materials such as activated carbon, ceramic, metal oxide… high porosity for air filtration. Removes even ultrafine PM2.5.
  5. RTO Thermal Incinerator Treats organic matter and toxic compounds by burning at very high temperatures, above 1000 degrees Celsius. Waste gas treatment efficiency reaches 99%.
To treat waste gas effectively, it is often necessary to combine many different equipment. Waste gas treatment contractors will advise on choosing the right solution for customers.
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FAQ about the deployment of industrial waste gas treatment systems?

Question: Why do we need to treat industrial waste?
A: Industrial exhaust gas treatment is necessary to minimize the environmental pollution caused by the harmful substances in the exhaust gas. If discharged directly into the environment, industrial exhaust gas can harm human health, animals and plants and the living environment.
Question: What are the most common industrial waste gas treatment methods?
A: Some common industrial flue gas treatment methods include: membrane absorption, activated carbon adsorption, heat combustion, catalytic treatment, washing with chemical solvents, and filtration with gas filters. The choice of treatment method depends on the flue gas composition and pollution concentration.
Question: What are the basic components of an exhaust gas treatment system?
A: The basic components of an industrial waste gas treatment system may include: fans and air ducts, gas treatment equipment such as adsorption, combustion… cleaning systems such as dust filters and end membranes, measuring and monitoring systems, and waste treatment systems generated after the treatment process.
Question: What factors to consider when designing an exhaust gas treatment system?
A: The main factors to consider include: composition and concentration of pollutants in exhaust gases, exhaust gas flow, exhaust gas treatment requirements and standards, operating conditions such as temperature, pressure, humidity, investment and operating costs, installation space, technology feasibility…

Waste gas treatment system in Bac Ninh Bac Giang 

  • CNS Vina Vietnam industrial emissions project 48000m3 / hour
  • Dae-A Vietnam Industrial Emissions Project 40000m3 / hour
In addition, we also carry out many industrial wastewater treatment projects such as
  • Domestic wastewater project in Mongolia with capacity of 8000m3 / day
  • Elentec Vietnam production and domestic wastewater project 1500m3 / day
  • Sewage project producing electronic components Seoul Metal Vietnam 300m3 / day
  • Food production wastewater project 1200m3 / day
  • CNS Vietnam textile dyeing and plating wastewater project 500m3 / day
  • LS Electric domestic wastewater project 250m3 / day
  • Taixin Printing Vina Production Wastewater Project 100m3 / day


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