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Wastewater Monitoring - Effective Environmental Protection Solutions

What is wastewater monitoring?

Wastewater is a source of water that is contaminated by human use. Wastewater contains many organic, inorganic pollutants, microorganisms that harm the environment and human health if it is not treated properly. Therefore, monitoring the amount and properties of wastewater is extremely necessary.
Wastewater monitoring is the process of collecting information and data on the flow, composition and physical and chemical properties of wastewater discharged from sources such as factories, enterprises and households… This information and data allows authorities and users to assess the quality of water resources, thereby taking appropriate treatment measures to reduce the impact on the environment.
Wastewater monitoring includes the following main contents:
  • Wastewater flow determination: the amount of wastewater discharged over time (l/s, m3 / day…)
  • Physical and chemical properties analysis: pH, BOD, COD, suspended solids, ions such as ammonium, phosphate,…
  • Determination of the content of pollutants: heavy metals, grease, organic compounds,..
  • Analysis of the density and composition of harmful microorganisms
The observation results will be compared with national standards and regulations on wastewater to assess the level of pollution and violation (if any). Since then, the authorities require the discharge to have treatment solutions to ensure compliance with regulations on environmental protection.
Wastewater monitoring is an effective solution to control pollution and protect the environment.
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Benefits of wastewater monitoring:

  • Strictly monitor waste sources, prevent pollution: Regular monitoring and updating of wastewater data helps timely detect waste sources that exceed standards. Since then, functional forces will require thorough treatment before discharge or suspend operations to overcome. This minimizes the risk of water pollution.
  • Mapping pollution, concentrating treatment resources: Wastewater monitoring results are synthesized and analyzed to map pollution, identify hot spots of industrial wastewater. The authorities will prioritize human and physical resources for inspection and treatment in these areas. This helps improve the efficiency of environmental protection.
  • Early warning of environmental hazards: Abnormalities in the monitoring results such as increased flow spikes, increased levels of toxic substances, etc… warning of the risk of pollution, environmental degradation. The authorities and people are warned early to actively respond and reduce risks.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of pollution treatment: Through periodic monitoring, the authorities can monitor the efficiency of wastewater treatment at septic tanks, wastewater treatment stations, etc… From there, adjust the processing process, upgrade the technology to match the requirements of environmental protection.
  • Provide data for scientific research: Wastewater monitoring results are stored in the database of water resources. This is an important source of information for research topics on the impact of wastewater on the ecosystem, treatment methods, water quality improvement…

Regulations on waste water monitoring and discharge

In order to monitor wastewater effectively, the discharger must comply with the following requirements:
  • Self-inspection of wastewater in accordance with relevant laws and regulations : Decree No. 80 / 2014 / ND-CP stipulates that the discharge of waste into water sources must carry out self-monitoring, self-analysis and storage of analytical results. Thus, organizations and individuals discharging waste into water sources are responsible for arranging their own human resources and equipment for periodic waste water monitoring. This is the basis for the authorities to check and evaluate the compliance of the unit.
  • Publicize data, announce the discharge areas: The discharger must publicly announce the location and manner of discharge as well as the results of wastewater monitoring to the authorities and the people where it is received. This is to transparency of information and serve the general monitoring of the community on environmental safety.
  • Commitment to thoroughly remedy violations: When there is a conclusion of violations of the quantity and waste exceeding standards, the waste discharge unit must urgently have a remedy plan and commit to thoroughly handle the cause. In addition, they can register a plan to upgrade the wastewater treatment system to prevent recurrence of errors.

Authorities also need to proactively implement solutions to ensure comprehensive and objective wastewater monitoring. 

Automatic wastewater monitoring system

Using devices, automatic wastewater monitoring sensors allow 24 / 7 continuous monitoring, early warning of incidents. Data is stored by IoT system and transmitted to the control center, serving the management.
Strengthen inspection, unscheduled inspection
In addition to periodic inspection, it is necessary to promote unannounced and unannounced inspection to closely and objectively assess the compliance situation of waste discharge units. Strictly handle units with illegal waste water pumping behavior.
Enhance cooperation between enterprises and state agencies
Encourage experts and environmental engineers from enterprises to participate in monitoring and consulting the wastewater monitoring process for departments. This contributes to sharing experiences and improving the capacity of civil servants.


Wastewater monitoring is a key task in environmental protection and ensuring sustainable development. The application of appropriate and scientific monitoring measures will help closely monitor waste discharge sources, ensure safety targets, prevent pollution from the beginning. At the same time, strengthen government-business-people cooperation for overall, systematic management of wastewater. Enterprises need to analyze wastewater pollution and environmental consulting Natural Star Vina is the leading company you can choose.

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