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Wastewater Treatment Company in Quang Nam

Wastewater treatment company in Quang Nam

Wastewater treatment is an extremely important issue for all countries, especially developing countries such as Vietnam. In Quang Nam, the province has many industrial parks and manufacturing plants, the treatment of wastewater after production is extremely urgent. Wastewater without treatment will cause serious environmental pollution, affecting public health and ecology. Therefore, businesses in Quang Nam need to choose reputable and professional units to treat wastewater after production.
According to regulations of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, industrial wastewater must be treated to standards before being discharged into the environment. Specifically, industrial wastewater in Quang Nam must meet the standards of pH, temperature, organic matter, heavy metals, suspended solids and microorganisms. These parameters will be strictly controlled to minimize adverse impacts on the environment.
Enterprises and factories in the fields of production such as textiles, paper, food, chemicals… They all need to have their own wastewater treatment system. Because their production process produces a large amount of wastewater with high waste content, it needs to be thoroughly treated before being discharged to the surrounding environment. A complete wastewater treatment system will help businesses comply with environmental regulations, while improving the reputation and social responsibility of business.
Công Ty Xử Lý Nước Thải Tại Quảng Nam

Design and construction of wastewater treatment system in Quang Nam:

  • Survey and assessment of wastewater sources: wastewater volume, composition, physical and chemical properties
  • Determination of standard wastewater treatment requirements
  • Selecting appropriate treatment technology for wastewater sources
  • Detailed design of wastewater treatment system: process diagram, equipment, chemicals
  • Installation of equipment, construction of wastewater treatment works
  • Test operation, calibration so that the system works stably, achieve processing efficiency
  • Official handover and operation of wastewater treatment system

A complete wastewater treatment system usually consists of:

  • Mechanical treatment: slitting, screening, filtration
  • Chemical treatment: glue, oxidation, reduction, neutralization
  • Biological treatment: biological sediment, microbial tank
  • Physical treatment: absorbed by activated carbon
  • Disinfection: chlorinated, UV
  • Sludge treatment: drying, annealing, burning


Industrial wastewater standards in Quang Nam

For industrial wastewater standards in Quang Nam, I would like to give some specific details as follows:
  • pH standard: Wastewater should have a pH value between 5.5 and 9. The pH should not exceed 5.5 or higher than 9 in any water sample.
  • Temperature standards: The temperature of the wastewater should not be higher than 40°C.Ch the temperature difference of the wastewater from the receiving source should not exceed 3°C.
  • Colors: Water color should not exceed 50 Pt / Co.
  • Organic matter content: BOD5 ≤ 50 mg/l, COD ≤ 150 mg/l, Total grease ≤ 10 mg/l, Total phenol ≤ 1 mg/l
  • Heavy metals such as As, Cd, Cr, Pb, Hg must be ≤ 0.1 mg/l.
  • Suspended solid content TSS ≤ 100 mg/l.
  • Microorganisms must meet QCVN standards for water quality.
Thus, these are the specific standards that industrial wastewater in Quang Nam must meet before being discharged into the environment. Enterprises need to strictly comply with the above criteria.
Each process will be designed in accordance with wastewater sources and treatment requirements. Combining multiple technologies will give the highest treatment efficiency.

Natural Star wastewater treatment company in Quang Nam

Natural Star is one of the leading companies in the design and construction of wastewater treatment systems in Vietnam in general and Quang Nam in particular. With more than 10 years of operating experience, Natural Star has been serving hundreds of customers in factories and industrial parks across the country.

Advantages of Natural Star:

  • Experienced engineer team, dedicated to customers
  • Apply the most advanced wastewater treatment technologies
  • Equipment and chemicals meet high quality standards
  • The cost of wastewater treatment is reasonable, economical
  • Always ensure the progress, quality of works
  • Reputable after-sales service: operation, long-term maintenance

Typical projects of wastewater treatment we have implemented such as:

  • Domestic wastewater project in Mongolia 8000m3/day
  • Elentec Vietnam production and domestic wastewater project 1,500m3/day
  • Sewage project producing electronic components Seoul Metal Vietnam 300m3/day
  • Ottogi food production wastewater project 1200m3/day
  • CNS Vietnam textile dyeing and plating wastewater project 500m3/day
  • LS Electric domestic wastewater project 250m3/day
  • Taixin Printing vina production wastewater project 100m3/day
With the current reputation and capacity, Natural Star deserves to be the first choice for businesses in Quang Nam that need to build wastewater treatment systems. Natural Star is committed to always accompany and support customers to treat wastewater to meet standards, contributing to protecting the local environment.

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