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SBR Technology

What is SBR technology?

SBR (Sequencing Batch Reactor) technology works on the principle of wastewater treatment in continuous cycles. The treatment occurs in a single treatment tank system, in which the treatment stages are carried out sequentially. The stages include biological process, sedimentation process, temporary sedimentation process, and water discharge process.
In the biological stage, bacteria and other microorganisms are used to decompose the organic matter in the wastewater. This process provides a favorable environment for the bacteria to decompose the pollutant and produce active sludge. After that, sedimentation takes place to separate the active sludge from the wastewater.

Working principle of SBR technology:

  1. Filling phase: This phase begins by loading the wastewater into the SBR treatment tank. The wastewater is fed into the tank through inlet mechanisms. During this phase, no treatment takes place and the wastewater is stored in the pending tank.
  2. Bioremediation phase: After the loading phase, bioremediation takes place. During this phase, the bacteria and microorganisms in the treatment tank decompose the organic matter present in the wastewater. These organics are converted into activated sludge.
  3. Sedimentation stage: After the biological treatment is complete, the activated sludge and other solids begin to settle to the bottom of the tank. The sedimentation process helps separate the activated sludge from the treatment wastewater.
  4. Temporary sedimentation stage: After the sedimentation stage, the wastewater is stored in the SBR tank for a short period of time. During this stage, the wastewater at the top of the tank is retained while the activated slurry continues to settle to the bottom.
  5. Discharge phase: After the temporary settling phase, the wastewater has been treated and is discharged out of the SBR tank. The discharge process can be carried out through discharge mechanisms or by using pressure or suction.
  6. Preparation stage: After the flushing stage, the SBR tank needs to be prepared for the next treatment cycle. The preparation process includes cleaning the tank, removing the deposited sludge, and preparing the environment for the next biological treatment stage.
The above stages are repeated in a certain time cycle depending on the wastewater treatment requirements. This cycle can last from several hours to several days, depending on the size and nature of the SBR system.
Through this treatment process, SBR technology effectively removes organic matter, contaminants and microorganisms in wastewater, improving water quality and meeting environmental standards. This technology also allows flexible and efficient adjustment, which helps to treat wastewater efficiently. SBR (Sequential Batch Reactor) technology is a biological wastewater treatment method based on treatment in sequential treatment tanks. It is widely used in small and medium-sized wastewater treatment systems.

SBR technology system consists of the following main components:

  • Treatment Tank: This is where wastewater treatment takes place. It can be a large storage tank divided into parts to carry out treatment stages.
  • Sludge Management System: Active sludge is generated during treatment and must be managed effectively to ensure system performance.
  • Water Discharge System: After the treatment process is complete, the treated wastewater will be flushed out of the system.

Reviews of SBR technology:

  • Flexible: SBR technology can be adjusted and throttled to adapt to variations in wastewater flow and quality.
  • High treatment efficiency: It can effectively remove organic matter, organic pollutants and microbial contaminants in wastewater.
  • Compact size: SBR technology requires a smaller area than other wastewater treatment systems.
  • Easy to operate: This technology does not require a lot of human resources and can be operated automatically.
  • Adjustment process required: SBR technology takes time to adjust to new conditions and changes in wastewater flow.
  • Difficulty in handling solids: The process of sludge removal that operates in SBR may require special care and elaboration to ensure efficiency.

SBR technology has many important applications in wastewater treatment:

  • Domestic wastewater treatment: SBR technology is commonly used in domestic wastewater treatment from households, residential areas, hotels, restaurants and other public service facilities.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment: SBR technology can be applied to wastewater treatment from industries such as food and beverage, textile, chemical, and many other industries.

Some typical projects using SBR technology:

  • Yokohama City wastewater treatment project in Japan: This project uses SBR technology to treat wastewater from residential and industrial areas in the city.
  • South Cau Tram wastewater treatment project in Vietnam: This project uses SBR technology to treat domestic wastewater from households and commercial facilities in the region.

What are some faq about SBR technology?

  • How effective is SBR technology in wastewater treatment? SBR technology is highly effective in removing organic matter, pollutants and microorganisms in wastewater, improving water quality.
  • Does it take a lot of human resources to operate SBR technology? SBR technology can be operated automatically and does not require a lot of human resources. However, the monitoring and management of the system still needs professional attention and knowledge.
  • Is SBR technology applicable to industrial wastewater treatment? SBR technology is applicable to industrial wastewater treatment from a variety of industries, but the treatment process may need to be adjusted and customized to suit the specific requirements of each industry.

Conclusion on SBR technology:

SBR technology is an effective and flexible wastewater treatment method. It has many advantages, including high treatment efficiency, compact size and ease of operation. However, it also has disadvantages such as adjustment process requirements and difficulty in handling solids. More peace of mind when consulting Natural Star Vina’s team of experts. With hundreds of projects to design, build and operate wastewater treatment systems with SBR technology we are confident to bring you the optimal solution, suitable for the current scale of the project you are using.

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