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Physical Chemistry Technology Wastewater Treatment

Water pollution is an urgent problem that needs to be solved around the world. According to the United Nations, up to 80% of the world’s wastewater is poured directly into water sources without treatment. This causes extremely serious impacts on the environment and human health. So what technology can solve this problem? Wastewater treatment chemistry technology is the optimal solution, both ensuring high treatment efficiency and environmental friendly.

What is physical chemistry technology?

Wastewater treatment chemical technology is the process of using chemical and physical reactions to remove contaminants in wastewater. This technology combines physical measures such as sedimentation, screening, filtration and chemical processes such as oxidation, reduction, acid/alkali neutralization to thoroughly treat wastewater, completely remove organic, inorganic, microbial contaminants,…..

Process of the physical chemistry technology

Wastewater treatment physical chemistry technology consists of the following steps:
Preliminary processing
  • Sedimentation: Separation of suspended solids, residues by deposition method.
  • Screening / Filtration: Remove the solids, residue left by screening and filtration.
  • Activated sludge: Using activated sludge (containing microorganisms) to decompose organic substances.
Primary processing
  • Chemical methods: Use chemicals to disinfect, precipitate, oxidize pollutants.
  • Physical method: Using activated carbon filtration measures, membrane filtration, electrolysis,… to remove the residue.
Advanced processing
Using technologies such as membrane filtration, advanced oxidation, radiation treatment, enzyme treatment,… to completely remove the remaining impurities.
Final processing
  • Disinfection: Use chlorine, ozone or UV light to kill bacteria.
  • Sludge treatment: Safe handling, transportation and disposal of sludge residue.
  • Discharge: Discharge the treated water to the receiving source.

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Chemicals in physical chemistry technology:

  • Acids and Alkali: Sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide are used to adjust the pH of wastewater.
  • Precipitation agent: Iron or aluminum compounds such as ferric chloride, aluminum polychloride to precipitate suspended solids.
  • Oxidants: Chlorine, ozone, hydrogen peroxide used to oxidize organic matter.
  • Disinfectant: Gaseous chlorine or sodium hypochlorite solution for wastewater disinfection.
  • Adsorbent: Activated carbon, silica gel used to absorb colorants and odors in wastewater.
  • Cotton-making polymers: Polyacrylamide, polethyleneimine used to settle organic and inorganic residues.
  • Catalysts: Metal catalysts are used in advanced oxidation.
In addition, some special chemicals are also used in medical wastewater treatment, such as peracetic acid, sodium hypobromite, silver nitrate,…
With a wide range of chemicals, chemical technology can effectively treat all types of pollution in wastewater. However, the use of chemicals also needs to be strictly controlled to ensure environmental safety.
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Advantages of physical chemistry technology

  • High processing efficiency, meet strict environmental standards. The physical chemistry technology can remove most contaminants, reaching a processing efficiency of over 90%.
  • Wide application for all kinds of wastewater: domestic, industrial, medical,… with different sizes and capacities.
  • The processing is fast, highly automated.
  • Low operating costs, do not need a lot of operating manpower.
  • Compact device, can be installed in multiple locations.
  • Less sludge generation and can be reused sludge.
  • Eco-friendly, no secondary pollution.

Application of physical chemistry technology

Physical chemistry technology is widely applied in wastewater treatment of all types:
  • Domestic wastewater treatment: applicable to municipal wastewater treatment plants, residential areas, industrial parks.
  • Medical wastewater treatment: wastewater treatment of hospitals, clinics, medical research institutes.
  • Industrial wastewater treatment: from manufacturing plants, mining, oil refining, chemicals, textile dyeing,…
  • Livestock wastewater treatment: on farms, large livestock barns.
  • Wastewater treatment on ships, equipment: ensure environmental hygiene.
  • Wastewater treatment in tourist areas, hotels, restaurants.
  • Treatment of feed water, domestic water before use.

Some FAQ about physical chemistry technology

Question: How does physical chemistry technology work? Physical chemistry technology combines physical measures such as sedimentation, screening, filtration with chemical methods such as oxidation, reduction, neutralization to remove pollution.
Question: What are the advantages of physical chemistry technology? The advantages of physical chemistry technology include high processing efficiency, automation, low cost, compact equipment, less waste sludge generation and environmental friendliness.
Question: How is physiochemical technology applied? Physiochemical technology is widely applied to treat domestic wastewater, industrial, medical, livestock, on ships, in tourist areas, hotels…
Question: What are the limitations of physical chemistry technology? The limitation of physical chemistry technology is that the initial investment cost is higher than some other technologies. Besides, it is necessary to strictly control the amount of chemicals used to ensure safety.
Thus, with many outstanding advantages, physical chemistry technology has become the ideal solution to effectively treat wastewater, protect the environment and people from pollution. Experts predict this will continue to be a popular trend in the field of wastewater treatment in the future. The research, application and development of more and more complete physiochemical technology is the key to thoroughly solve the global water pollution problem.
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