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Automatic Wastewater Monitoring System

What is an automatic wastewater monitoring system?

Automatic wastewater monitoring system is a system that allows monitoring and monitoring of wastewater quality automatically, continuously without direct human intervention. The system consists of measuring devices, sensors, computers and software that allow collecting, analyzing and storing data on wastewater quality.
The main components of automatic wastewater monitoring system:
  • Sensors, measuring devices: measure parameters such as temperature, pH, turbidity, content of pollutants.
  • Data acquisition and transmission system: collects signals from sensors, converts them into digital data and transmits them to a computer.
  • Software: processing, analysis, comparison with standards and warning when the threshold is exceeded.
  • Computers and data storage systems: storage of measurement and analysis results.
Automatic wastewater monitoring system helps to monitor wastewater quality 24/7 without having to collect and analyze samples manually, reducing human costs. Automatic alerts when the threshold is exceeded allow timely treatment of pollution incidents.

Harmful effects of industrial wastewater

Industrial wastewater is a source of water contaminated by industrial production processes. Industrial wastewater often contains organic matter, heavy metals, radioactive substances, toxic chemicals with high concentrations exceeding permitted standards. If it is not treated to meet standards before being discharged into the environment, industrial wastewater will cause serious harm:
  • Water pollution: toxic substances in industrial wastewater when discharged directly into rivers, lakes, ponds, etc… will cause serious water pollution, affecting aquatic organisms and human health.
  • Soil pollution: sewage seeping into the soil will make the soil contaminated by heavy metals, toxic chemicals. Gradually make the soil degraded, lose the ability to cultivate.
  • Air pollution: Some volatile organic compounds in industrial wastewater will evaporate and cause air pollution.
  • Health effects: Long-term exposure to water and soil contaminated by industrial wastewater will cause skin diseases, cancers, affecting liver, kidney and immune system function in humans.
Therefore, the standard treatment of industrial wastewater before discharge into the environment is extremely necessary to protect the environment and human health.
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The benefits of automatic wastewater monitoring

The application of automatic wastewater monitoring system brings many benefits to wastewater treatment plants:
  • Continuous wastewater quality monitoring, allowing early detection and treatment of pollution problems. This helps ensure that wastewater is up to standard before being discharged into the environment.
  • Save manpower and cost compared with periodic manual sampling and analysis. The system operates automatically 24 / 7, without much human operation.
  • Provides detailed data on trends in wastewater quality changes. Helps to analyze causes and adjust treatment processes accordingly.
  • Automatic alert when an incident exceeds the permitted threshold. Help to deal with it in time before adversely affecting the environment.
  • Store and provide evidence of observation results to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
As a result, the automatic wastewater monitoring system contributes to environmental protection and public health effectively.

The parameters are usually monitoring wastewater

Commonly observed parameters in wastewater include:
  • Physical parameters: temperature, turbidity, color, smell
  • pH: measure acidity or alkalinity of wastewater
  • Suspended solids TSS: the amount of suspended solids in water
  • Biochemical oxygen demand BOD: the amount of oxygen required for microorganisms to decompose organic matter in wastewater
  • Chemical Oxidation Requirement COD: the amount of oxygen required to oxidize organic matter in wastewater with chemical reagents
  • Nutrients: Ammonium, Nitrate, Phosphate
  • Heavy metals: iron, mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium…
  • Microorganisms: total coliform, E.coli, Salmonella
  • Toxic chemicals: grease, phenol, aniline, detergent,…
The specific monitoring parameters will depend on the characteristics of the wastewater source and the discharge standard. Periodic monitoring of these parameters allows for assessment of wastewater quality and treatment efficiency.
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Some questions about automated wastewater monitoring systems

How does an automated wastewater monitoring system work?
The system will use sensors, automatic measuring equipment to continuously monitor parameters such as temperature, pH, concentration of pollutants. Data will be transmitted to the computer to process and compare with the standard to give an alert when crossing the threshold.
What parameters can the system monitor in wastewater?
Common parameters such as temperature, pH, BOD, COD, TSS, heavy metals, microorganisms… It depends on the sensor installed.
Who will operate and maintain the system?
The investor can self-operate and maintain or hire a supervision consultancy unit. The company’s technical staff will guide the operation and maintenance periodically.
Does the system guarantee high accuracy?
The accuracy depends on the sensor used, however automated monitoring systems often give higher accuracy than manual sampling. Our company is committed to providing high quality sensors up to standard.
How much is the initial investment for the system?
The investment cost will depend on the scale and number of parameters to be observed. Our company will survey and give the most specific and optimal cost for the project.

Natural Star Vina design and construction of wastewater monitoring

Natural Star Vina is one of the leading companies in Vietnam specializing in providing automatic wastewater monitoring solutions.
With a team of experienced engineers and advanced technology, Natural Star Vina provides comprehensive wastewater monitoring solutions:
  • Consulting, system design in accordance with the scale and characteristics of wastewater treatment technology of customers.
  • Provide high quality measuring equipment, sensors of prestigious brands in the world. Meet all strict standards of accuracy and stability.
  • Installation and commissioning of system testing. Ensure the specifications, standards according to customer design and requirements.
  • Train personnel to operate and maintain the system professionally. Guide in detail the operation and routine maintenance process.
  • Warranty service, long-term maintenance. Ready to support and handle problems if any.
With experience in implementing many automatic wastewater monitoring projects in Vietnam, Natural Star Vina is committed to providing customers with a stable and reliable operation system, helping to control wastewater quality optimally.

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