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Environmental Licensing Services

Environmental licensing services

Who needs an environmental license?
  1. Activities and businesses that have an environmental impact must obtain an environmental permit to ensure that these activities take place within the scope of the law and do not harm natural resources. Subjects that must obtain an environmental permit include:
  2. Producing enterprises: factories, resource extraction facilities must have an environmental license to ensure that production does not cause environmental impacts.
  3. Construction projects: large-scale construction projects such as bridges, highways, civil works require an environmental permit to ensure that the construction does not adversely affect the environment.
  4. Business activities such as forestry, mining: activities related to forestry, mining, hydropower require an environmental license to manage environmental impacts.
  5. Technology projects: projects related to technology, exploitation of natural resources such as oil drilling, gas extraction need environmental permits.
Environmental Licensing Services

Benefits of an environmental permit for business

  1. Legal and chemical operations: an environmental license helps businesses operate within the law and avoid environmental violations.
  2. Environmental protection: through management and supervision, the license ensures that the business does not harm the environment.
  3. Building a sustainable company image: having an environmental license demonstrates the company’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development.

FAQ about who needs an environmental permit

Do all businesses need an environmental permit? No, only businesses that have an environmental impact need an environmental permit.
How to know whether a business needs an environmental permit? To know whether a business needs an environmental permit, it is necessary to perform an environmental impact analysis of that activity.
Why do you need an environmental licensing service?
Making environmental permits is a complex process and requires an understanding of regulations, administrative procedures and technical requirements. Environmental licensing services help businesses ensure compliance with environmental regulations, save time and effort in completing records and handling procedures.

Environmental licensing services 

  1. Consulting on environmental regulations: Provide information on regulations, laws and standards related to the environment for businesses to understand and comply with regulations.
  2. Development of application for permit: Synthesis, preparation of dossiers, technical data and information necessary to apply for environmental permits.
  3. Environmental impact analysis (EIA): Perform environmental impact analysis for projects with a major environmental impact to determine protective measures.
  4. Environmental compliance monitoring: Ensures the business complies with environmental requirements under the license and recommends measures when changes occur.

Benefits of environmental licensing services

  1. Compliance with environmental laws: Ensures that business activities comply with environmental regulations and avoid violations of the law.
  2. Save time and effort: Services help reduce time and effort in handling complex administrative procedures.
  3. Ensures timely licensing: Provides assistance in building records, helping to ensure environmental licensing is done on time.
  4. Sustainable development: Ensure that the production and business activities of the enterprise develop sustainably and do not harm the environment.

Faq about environmental licensing eervices

  1. What do businesses need to do to apply for an environmental permit? To apply for an environmental permit, businesses need to prepare licensing application documents, technical data and related information.
  2. Why need environmental licensing services? Services help businesses understand environmental regulations, comply with procedures and save time in processing permits.
  3. How to find a reliable environmental licensing service? Choose a service that is experienced, knowledgeable about environmental regulations and can provide optimal solutions.

Conclusion about environmental licensing services

At Natural Star Vina, we accompany businesses to develop environmental licensing applications, perform environmental impact analysis and ensure compliance with environmental protection measures. We are committed to providing quality services and support in the process of obtaining environmental permits so that you focus on your production and business activities. 
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