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Oil Purification Machine Waste Gas Treatment

What is an oil purification machine?

Oil purification machine is a device designed to remove particulate and gaseous pollutants in industrial exhaust fumes. Specifically, the desiccant will remove dust, ash, soot, etc… Oil refiners remove gaseous organic compounds such as VOCs, formaldehyde, etc… out of the exhaust stream before it’s released into the environment.
Desiccant, oil refinery helps clean up exhaust fumes, ensuring compliance with emission standards, environmental protection and human health. This is a very necessary equipment in factories and enterprises with pollution emissions.
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Structure of oil purification machine

Dehumidifiers, oil filters usually consist of the following main parts:
  • Filter chamber: where the waste smoke is received and processed. In the filter chamber there are filter materials such as filter bags, filter membranes, coal slag,… to retain pollutants.
  • Exhaust fan: create suction force for exhaust smoke to enter the filter chamber.
  • Blower: helps push air through the filter strata and escape out.
  • Automatic filter washing system: automatically wash the filter material periodically.
  • Controller: control the operation of parts, display the data.
  • Frame, shell, electrical system: structure that holds the parts and power supply.
In addition, depending on the processing requirements, the machine is also added auxiliary systems such as chemical processing systems, heat treatment,….. to improve the processing efficiency.
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Working principle of oil purification machine

Desiccant, oil refinery works based on a number of principles, the following mechanisms:
  • Mechanical filtration: Using mechanical forces acting on dust particles, aerosols to retain them on the surface of filter materials. Common types of filter materials include cloth filter bags, filter membranes, coal slag,…
  • Adsorption: Gaseous pollutants will be adsorbed to the surface of materials with high adsorption capacity such as activated carbon, zeolite.
  • Chemical treatment: Chemical reactions occur between pollutants and chemicals to form less toxic substances.
  • Heat treatment: Using high temperature to incinerate, oxidize pollutants.
Waste smoke after passing through the filter system will meet safety standards and be discharged into the environment. Ash, dust, grease retained are collected and processed.

Application of oil purification machine

Treatment of industrial waste smoke at coal, oil and gas thermal power plants: Desiccant, oil refineries are installed to treat waste smoke from incinerators, limiting the emission of pollutants into the environment.
  • Waste gas treatment in metallurgical plants, cement: Remove dust, toxic gases in the process of producing metal, cement.
  • Waste smoke treatment in textile and dyeing industry: Collect and treat chemical vapors, odors before discharge.
  • Waste gas treatment in painting, printing industry: Remove toxic organic solvent vapors.
  • Dealing with odors at food processing plants: Removing odors and toxic gases during processing.
  • Medical exhaust treatment in hospitals and clinics: Remove bacteria and pathogens before releasing gas into the environment.
  • Treatment of kitchen smoke, odors in restaurants, hotels: Clean the air before exhaust, create a fresh environment.
Thus, smoke dehumidifiers and oil refiners play a very important role in protecting the environment and human health.
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Common types of oil purification machine

There are many different types of dehumidifiers on the market, some common ones include:
  • Bag filter: Use metal woven cloth filter bag to filter dust particles. Simple, cheap, often used for small-scale factories.
  • Electronic Purifier: Using charged electronic filter membrane to attract and retain dust particles. Has high filtration efficiency.
  • Electrostatic Purifier: Creates an electrical charge on the dust particles so that they attach to the collector plates.
  • Coal slag filter: Using coal slag layer to mechanically filter and adsorb pollutants.
  • Water purifier: Spray water mist to absorb dust and pollutants.
  • Combined filter: Combining many different filtration technologies to improve processing efficiency.
How to choose the right dehumidifier, oil filter
In order to choose a suitable dehumidifier, oil filter, it is necessary to note some of the following factors:
  • Waste smoke flow and composition to be treated.
  • Emission standards should be achieved after treatment.
  • Installation space conditions, investment and operating costs.
  • The filtration technology is suitable for exhaust gas type.
  • Choose reputable manufacturers, suppliers, with good support services.
  • Consider the possibility of upgrading and expanding in the future.

Some questions about oil purification machine

Question: Why do you need to install a dehumidifier, oil filter?
A: The smoke removal machine, oil purification helps to remove harmful pollutants in industrial exhaust fumes, ensure compliance with environmental standards, protect public health.
Question: What types of smoke dehumidifiers, oil filters are popular today?
Answer: Some common machine types include bag filter, electronic filter, electrostatic filter, coal slag filter, water filter, combination filter,….
Question: What is the investment cost of smoke removal and oil refining?
Answer: The investment cost of desalination machine depends on the capacity, technology, processing requirements. Usually the cost ranges from several hundred million to several billion VND.
Question: How to operate and maintain the dehumidifier, oil filter?
A: It is necessary to operate the machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Periodic maintenance of parts, replacement of consumables on schedule. Strictly check and monitor the operation of the machine.

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