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CleanRoom Construction Standard ISO 14644

What is cleanroom construction?

A clean room is a space that is strictly controlled for the cleanliness level of the environment by preventing dust particles, bacteria, moisture and substandard temperatures. Clean rooms are often used in many industries such as manufacturing electronic components, pharmaceuticals, food, etc. The construction of clean rooms needs to strictly comply with building standards and processes to ensure a satisfactory working environment.
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Cleanroom construction standards

There are many standards that are applied in cleanroom construction such as ISO 14644, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), FS 209E of the US, etc. These standards specify in detail:
  • Clean room classification according to the number of dust particles allowed (ISO clase)
  • Requirements for building materials such as floors, walls, ceilings dustproof and anti-static
  • Ventilation, cooling and air filtration system with certain air change rate
  • Control of ambient temperature and humidity
  • Process of environmental quality inspection, measurement and reporting
  • Rules about clothing and habits of employees in the cleanroom

Cleanroom construction process

Planning a detailed design

  • Determining the purpose of use, strict requirements on cleanliness
  • Selection of applicable standard and detailed design according to that standard
  • Identify construction materials, equipment and projected costs

Preparation of the construction site

  • Create a construction area isolated from the surrounding environment
  • Install air filtration system into the construction area
  • Full preparation of protective clothing and construction materials

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Construction of foundations and frames

  • Construction of bearing foundation, waterproof
  • Installation of steel frames and suitable interior partitions

Finishing inside

  • Installation of ventilation, cooling and HEPA filter panels
  • Construction dustproof ceiling panel, high grade PVC wall
  • Anti-static plastic floor fitting, anti-scratch

Auxiliary installation

  • Pneumatic automatic door system installation
  • Installation of dust, temperature, humidity monitoring equipment
  • Mounting high quality light fixtures
  • Installation of ceiling ventilation equipment

Test and confirm the standard

  • Test measurement of dust density, air quality
  • Construction quality inspection according to design documents
  • Run tests for the whole system.
  • Confirm the quality and acceptance of the project
After being tested, the clean room can be put into safe use for production work. The operation and maintenance process of the clean room also needs to be carried out periodically to ensure the environment always meets high standards during operation.

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