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2024 Full Package Environmental License Quotation

In the midst of increasingly strict regulations on the environment, applying for environmental licenses has become extremely important for businesses and companies. To apply for this license, you need to prepare full procedures and pay a corresponding fee. In this article, we will learn in detail about the 2024 environmental license quote.

What is an environmental permit

An environmental permit is a necessary document that production, business and service establishments must apply for when carrying out activities likely to pollute the environment. It shows that the establishment has been appraised and approved by the authorities for environmental protection conditions.
According to the Environmental Protection Law 2020, the subjects required to apply for environmental permits include:
  • Production, business and service facilities that discharge gas into the air environment
  • Production, business and service facilities that discharge wastewater into water sources
  • Facilities for use of hazardous substances, hazardous waste
  • The facility has noise generation operation, large vibration
  • New investment projects, operating facilities since before the Law on Environmental Protection

báo giá giấy phép môi trường trọn gói

Application fee for environmental permit

In order to obtain an environmental permit, in addition to preparing a full application, facilities must also pay an appraisal fee. This fee will depend on the size and type of the production facility.
Assessment fee for new environmental permits:
  • New type I investment projects: VND 2,500,000 – 7,500,000
  • New type II investment projects: VND 7,500,000 – 15,000,000
  • Type III new investment projects: VND 15,000,000 – 30,000,000
  • New type IV investment projects: VND 30,000,000 – 60,000,000
  • Small and medium-sized production, business and service facilities: VND 10,000,000 – 30,000,000
  • Large-scale production, trading and service facilities: VND 30,000,000 – VND 45,000,000
Assessment fee to adjust the content of the license has been granted:
  • For cases of adjustment at the request of management agencies: 50% of the new level of appraisal fee
  • For cases due to the need for voluntary adjustment of the establishment owner: the fee as new level appraisal
In addition, the fee for renewing an environmental permit when it expires is 30% of the new assessment fee.
Note: The specific fee will be determined by the provincial People’s Committee based on the price frame set by the Government.
Báo giá giấy phép môi trường trọn gói

The process of obtaining an environmental permit

The process of applying for an environmental permit is quite complicated and time-consuming. If you do not prepare carefully, you will be late for an appointment and have to supplement many times. Here are the main steps:
Preparation of documents include:
  • Application for Environmental Permit
  • Registration of exploitation using groundwater, surface water or wastewater discharge (if any)
  • Environmental impact assessment report or commitment to environmental protection
  • Application for cancellation / change of environmental permit (if any)
Submit the application at the licensing authority
  1. Licensing agencies assess the dossier and request additional (if necessary)
  2. Subjects submitting completed and supplemented dossiers as required
  3. The Licensing Agency has reviewed the completed dossier.
  4. Hold a license review meeting if the application meets the requirements
  5. Decisions on environmental licensing and environmental licensing
However, there are many cases where the dossier is not approved for the first time but has to be amended and supplemented many times. This prolongs the process and increases the cost of the dossier.

2024 Package environmental license quotation

In order to shorten the time and reduce the risk of returning records, many businesses have chosen to use the service of applying for environmental licenses package of reputable consulting units. Natural Star we have a team of experts who understand the process, procedures and have experience in building high-standard records.
We will quote detailed prices for each service package such as legal advice, building dossiers, administrative procedures, representatives applying for permission before state agencies, etc… Depending on the needs, customers can choose the appropriate service package.
  • Environmental license for commune, district – cost about 50 – 80 million VND
  • Provincial environmental permit – cost about 110 – 250 million VND
  • Ministry environmental license – 650 million – 1 billion VND
Note: Depending on the circumstances, there will be expenses such as
– Penalty costs for issues related to construction, fire protection of the project
Hope the above information helps you better understand the current environmental license quotation. The choice to use the service will help the work be done quickly, professionally and without many risks. Please contact Natural Star – a reputable company doing environmental licenses!

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