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Environmental Permit Application Service In Bac Ninh

What is an environmental permit?

An environmental permit is a legal document issued by a competent state agency to allow establishments and enterprises to operate with the potential to cause adverse impacts on the environment. An environmental permit specifies the conditions and mandatory requirements that enterprises must comply with during production and business activities to ensure that they do not pollute the environment.
Environmental licenses are stipulated in the 2014 Law on Environmental Protection. Accordingly, production, business and service establishments with major environmental pollution risks must be issued environmental licenses to operate. Environmental licenses are an important legal basis for authorities to inspect and inspect the compliance with regulations on environmental protection of enterprises.

Steps to apply for an environmental permit in Bac Ninh

The main steps to apply for an environmental permit include:
Step 1: Make a dossier of an environmental license application The company needs to prepare all the following documents:
  • Application for Environmental Permit
  • Copy of business registration certificate / business registration certificate
  • Environmental impact assessment report or environmental protection plan (depending on the size of the project)
Step 2: Submit a licensing application The dossier will be submitted to the Department of Natural Resources and Environment where the enterprise is located or where the investment project is carried out.
Step 3: Verification of documents & actual verification (if necessary) The environmental agency will verify the completeness and legality of the dossier. If necessary, this unit will conduct actual verification at the enterprise.
Step 4: Issuing an environmental permit If the application meets the requirements, the Department of Natural Resources & Environment will issue an environmental license to the business. The duration of the license is usually 5 years or depending on the business line.
Thus, the process of applying for environmental permits is relatively simple and convenient. Enterprises need to fully prepare papers and follow the instructions.
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Reasons to apply for an environmental permit in Bac Ninh

There are many reasons why businesses and production facilities need to apply for environmental permits, specifically:
  • Meet the provisions of the Law on Environmental Protection: An environmental permit is a legal basis for legal activities to avoid violating environmental regulations.
  • Reduce risks: Having an environmental license will help businesses be supported by authorities to handle environmental incidents if they occur.
  • Improving corporate reputation: Compliance with environmental standards and regulations will improve the reputation and image of the business in the eyes of customers and partners.
  • Export conditions: Environmental permits are one of the important documents for businesses to meet the requirements for export to fastidious markets.
  • Investment conditions for expanding production: When wanting to expand the scale of operations, enterprises need to apply for extension and adjustment of environmental licenses in accordance with the new situation.
Thus, environmental licenses are very important for the production and business activities of enterprises. Therefore, companies need to proactively apply for licenses to ensure compliance with the law, protect the environment as well as their rights.

The fields and professions are required to apply for environmental permits

According to Decree 08 / 2022 / ND-CP, the following professions are required to apply for environmental licenses:
  • Thermal power plants, petrochemicals, oil refineries, fertilizer production, chemicals, paints, plastics, rubber…
  • Facilities that handle hazardous waste (medical waste, industrial waste…)
  • Industrial parks, export processing zones, industrial clusters, high-tech parks
  • Projects of hydropower plants, wind power, solar power, biomass power…
  • Mining facilities (coal mines, metal ores, limestone…)
  • Scrap import facilities as raw materials for production
  • Markets, supermarkets, shopping centers, hospitals, large hotels…
  • Large printing enterprises, industrial-scale laundry facilities…
In addition, small production facilities and households with activities that generate toxic waste also need to apply for environmental permits.

Application documents & procedures for environmental permits

The application for an environmental permit includes the following main documents:
1 / Application for environmental license: specify the name of the enterprise, field of operation, production scale.
2 / Copy of Business Registration Certificate or equivalent.
3 / Environmental impact assessment report or environmental protection plan: Details of the implementation of environmental protection of the establishment.
4 / Documents proving compliance with the provisions of the law on environmental protection: periodic environmental monitoring results, inspection minutes…
The procedure for obtaining environmental permits is quite simple and convenient thanks to the support from the authorities. Usually it only takes about 20-25 days to receive a permit.
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Benefits of having an environmental permit The benefits and values that environmental licenses bring to businesses include:
  • Ensuring legal activities, avoiding penalties for violating the Law on Environmental Protection.
  • Minimize environmental risks (oil spills, toxic leaks…) due to the supervision of the authorities.
  • Enhance the reputation and image of the business in the eyes of the community and customers.
  • Attract investment, expand production and business thanks to the certification of State agencies.
  • Easily export products to markets with high environmental requirements (EU, Japan…).
  • Priority is given to loans by banks and financial institutions due to having more grounds on the ability to manage environmental risks.
Thus, environmental permits are not only a mandatory legal procedure but also bring many practical benefits to the production and business activities of enterprises. Therefore, companies need to be aware of the importance of applying for environmental permits from the beginning to save time, effort and costs for pollution remediation and environmental improvement later.
Some notes when applying for an environmental permit In order for the application for environmental permits to be favorable, companies need to pay attention to some of the following issues:
  • Carefully study the regulations related to his business line to fully prepare papers.
  • Prepare all kinds of documents and reports related to the environmental protection of the company.
  • Proactively contact the relevant authorities for specific guidance on the licensing procedure.
  • Invest in improving waste treatment efficiency, complying with environmental standards from the beginning.
  • Maintain regular monitoring and monitoring of the environment to have grounds for applying for license extension.


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When obtaining an environmental license, the company needs to comply properly and fully with the conditions stated in the license. Periodically or unexpectedly (if required), the enterprise will be inspected by the authorities to comply with the provisions of the environmental license.
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