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The importance of Bac Ninh environmental consulting

Bac Ninh is a province in the Song Hong river zone , with favorable geographical location, convenient transportation. In recent years, Bac Ninh has developed strongly in socio-economic development. However, besides the achievements, Bac Ninh province is also facing many environmental challenges. The main environmental issues of Bac Ninh include:
  • Air pollution: The situation of air pollution in industrial and urban areas is increasingly serious, affecting the health of people. The cause is mainly due to industrial emissions, emissions from vehicles and dust from construction works.
  • Water pollution: The discharge of untreated waste into rivers and lakes is causing water pollution. This is a major problem affecting people’s water resources.
  • Solid waste: The amount of domestic and industrial solid waste increases rapidly with the increase in population and production activities. The collection and treatment of waste has not met the demand.
  • Environmental degradation: The rise of industrial parks, rapid urbanization, the decline of agricultural land and ecological imbalance.
To solve the environmental problems mentioned above, Bac Ninh needs to have drastic and long-term solutions. Enterprises operating in the area also need to be more proactive in environmental protection. Therefore, environmental consulting activities are becoming increasingly necessary, helping businesses comply with environmental regulations, contributing to environmental protection in the province.
dich vu tu van moi truong bac ninh

The field of Bac Ninh environmental consulting:

  • Consulting on making environmental registration / licensing dossiers: Supporting enterprises to fully implement legal procedures on environmental protection as prescribed by the state.
  • Consulting on the design and installation of waste treatment systems: Treatment of waste gas, wastewater, solid waste to meet standards before being discharged into the environment.
  • Consulting on environmental monitoring: Monitoring the quality of surrounding environmental components such as air, water, and land.
  • Consulting to prepare environmental impact assessment reports: Assessing the impacts of investment projects on the natural and social environment.
  • Consulting on environmental renovation and restoration: Overcoming pollution and renovation, restoration of polluted and degraded environment.
  • Consulting on environmental management and protection: Develop and apply advanced environmental management systems to help best control environmental issues.
  • Consulting for ISO 14001 certification: Advanced environmental management system to improve operational efficiency and corporate reputation.

What do Bac Ninh environmental consulting standards require?

In order to operate environmental consultancy with high quality and efficiency, consulting companies need to meet the following requirements:
  • A team of high-quality human resources with deep expertise in the field of environment. Has sufficient capacity to provide a wide range of environmental consultancy services.
  • Experience in implementing many large and complex environmental consulting projects. Capture new trends and technologies to apply effectively.
  • Researching and fully evaluating the actual situation of each locality and business sector to come up with suitable and feasible solutions.
  • Build a professional and transparent working process. Ensure a high sense of responsibility with customers.
  • Focus on investing in modern equipment and technology to improve the quality of service. Meet international standards and standards.
  • Building sustainable relationships with state management agencies for timely support in the consultation process.
With the advantage of favorable geographical location, Bac Ninh has great potential to attract investment in large-scale production projects. This requires the local environmental consulting industry to develop more strongly to meet the increasing demand of investors and businesses.

Natural Star Bac Ninh professional environmental consulting unit:

  • Enhance the training of high-quality human resources to meet practical needs. Encourage leading environmental experts to participate in consultancy work.
  • Apply advanced technologies to consulting activities to improve productivity and efficiency.
  • Strengthen cooperation and links between consulting companies with environmental training institutes and schools.
  • Develop incentive mechanisms, support environmental consulting companies. Promote the socialization of the field of environmental consulting.
  • Strengthen international integration, learn from the experience of advanced countries to improve advisory capacity.
With the proper attention of the local government and the business community, Bac Ninh environmental consulting industry will develop strongly, contributing to environmental protection and socio-economic development in the locality. Thereby, both ensuring a healthy living environment for people, attracting investment and developing large-scale projects, bringing high economic value to the province. Natural Star Vina is always proud to be the most prestigious environmental consulting unit in Bac Ninh, all for the goal of green, clean and beautiful living environment for the present and future.

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