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Industrial Dust Filter Bag Cleaning Air

Fresh air is the source of human life. However, in factories and factories, the air is filled with dirt, toxic gases due to the production process. According to statistics, more than 2 million people die prematurely from breathing polluted air every year. Not to mention respiratory diseases such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer also increased significantly.
Therefore, air cleaning is a vital issue for every business. The solution of industrial dust filter bag is to meet that demand.

What is industrial dust filter bag?

Industrial dust filter bag is a product made from special fabric fibers, with a non-woven structure combined with many layers of filter foam. The bag has two closed ends and is hung on the ventilation system.
Principle of operation:
As the air passes through the filter bag, dust molecules will collide and get attached to the porous fabric fibers. Friction forces reduce the speed, causing dust to fall to the bottom of the bag and accumulate. The air that comes out will be significantly cleaner.
Outstanding advantages of dust filter bag
  • Good filter quality, high porosity should connect and retain dirt effectively
  • Long service life, good heat resistance, less fading through years of use
  • Save area, can be folded for transportation and installation
  • Cheap price, low initial investment cost
  • Can be customized in size and shape to fit any system

túi lọc bụi công nghiệp air bag filter industry 산업용 먼지 필터 천 가방 청소 공기

The current common types of dust filter bags

  • PP Spunbond dust filter bag: Popular type, cheap price, prefilter fine dust particles
  • Fire-resistant dust filter bag: Good heat-resistant cloth fiber, used for hot steam, high temperature workshop
  • Acid / Alkali Resistant Filter Bags: Resistant to acid, harsh alkali, often used in chemical industry
  • HEPA filter bag: Highest filtration level, remove 99.97% of dust particles < 0.3 micron
Guide to choosing the right bag for your needs
In order to choose the right filter bag, it is necessary to consider the following factors:
  • Type of production and environmental properties
  • The level and size of dust to be removed
  • Flue gas flow and temperature
  • Space for filter bag installation
Base on it to choose the most suitable material, fiber texture, bag thickness. In addition, you should choose products from reputable brands, proven quality.
he- thong-loc-bui-tui-vai 산업용 먼지 필터 천 가방 청소 공기 Industrial Dust Filter Cloth Bag Cleaning Air

Note when installing and maintaining industrial dust filter bags

  • Always wear protective clothing when exposed to dust and toxic gases.
  • Insert the bag to fit snugly with the ventilation device, tight the edges do not allow leakage
  • Ensure the system works normally, air flow through the bag in accordance with regulations
  • Periodic inspection, handle when the bag is clogged or punctured
  • Change new bag every 12-18 months depending on operating conditions

Industrial dust collector bag distribution company 

If you are in need of buying dust filter bags at preferential prices, you can contact our company – Natural Star Vina – a specialized manufacturer and supplier of high quality industrial dust filter bags.
With more than 10 years of experience, we are proud to be the leading supplier of dust filter bags. Committed to bringing you:
  • Genuine products, high quality, meet industry standards
  • Competitive price with many incentives: discount, free accessories
  • Delivery service, quick installation, dedicated
  • 12 months warranty, technical support throughout use
Contact the hotline + 84 (355) -945-460 or email: sales@naturalstarvina.com
Here are some sharing about industrial dust filter bag solutions. Hope the article will help you learn and choose the right product for the needs of the factory air cleaning system.

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