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Apartment wastewater treatment is urgent.

With a crowded urban population in high-rise apartments, wastewater treatment becomes very important. Wastewater treatment systems must be large-scale, with enough capacity to treat large amounts of wastewater from apartments, common living areas and services. Moreover, treatment technology must also be effective in removing organic matter, toxic substances, microorganisms before discharging into the environment. If treatment is not thorough, the amount of wastewater containing many toxins will directly adversely affect the environment and residents. Therefore, the selection of an effective, standard-compliant processing system is essential.

Sewage sources in the apartment include

Residential wastewater mainly comes from 2 main sources:
  • Domestic wastewater: is wastewater generated from households, including activities such as bathing, cooking and personal hygiene, house hygiene. This is the largest source of wastewater containing soap, grease, food waste, organic matter and toxic microorganisms from human feces.
  • Wastewater services: from the common areas of the apartment such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, restaurants, cafes… This is a waste water source with high chemical content from cleaning, disinfecting, bactericidal chemicals. Some chemicals used are dangerous, even toxic to the environment, users.
Wastewater usually requires 3-step treatment including screening, biological treatment and disinfection to meet regulatory standards before discharge.
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Common apartment wastewater treatment system:

Common apartment wastewater treatment systems At present, the common apartment wastewater treatment systems can be mentioned as:
SBR batch sewage treatment system – Sequencing Batch Reactor
  • Wastewater treatment is based on the combined process of sedimentation and aerobic / anaerobic bioreactor in the same reaction tank equipment.
  • Small area requirement, efficient wastewater treatment, cost saving.
  • Removes up to 90% of organic matter and nutrients in wastewater.
  • SBR reactor is suitable for apartments under 1000 apartments, some drawbacks in terms of scalability increase capacity as the project develops more stages.
Algae septic tank system (GHA – Green House Algae)
  • The technology uses blue algae for biological treatment of wastewater.
  • The process uses the photosynthesis of algae to break down organic impurities.
  • High efficiency wastewater treatment with low investment and operation cost. Environment friendly.
  • The system operates stably, the capacity can be expanded according to the needs of the apartment.
Wastewater treatment system by biotechnology
  • The bioremediation system consists of several interconnected isomeric reaction tanks.
  • Modern technology is designed, efficient wastewater treatment with many sequential stages.
  • It is possible to treat large amounts of wastewater at a lower cost than some other solutions.
  • Usually the option applies to large apartments from 2000 – 3000 apartments or more.

Apartment wastewater treatment system meets legal standards

The apartment wastewater treatment system needs to comply with environmental technical standards issued by the Ministry of Construction and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Specifically, some important criteria to meet include:
  • Meets the National Technical Regulation on Domestic Wastewater QCVN 14: 2008 / BTNMT issued by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Accordingly, the concentration of pollution targets in wastewater after treatment does not exceed the permitted threshold.
  • Comply with QCVN 07: 2010 / BXD – Vietnam Construction Regulations on Condominiums issued by the Ministry of Construction. In which detailed regulations on the design and installation of apartment wastewater treatment systems ensure technical and environmental requirements.
  • Meet the standards and technical regulations on the installation of concentrated wastewater treatment stations in residential areas and new urban areas issued by the People’s Committees of provinces and cities in accordance with the actual conditions of each locality.

Natural Star reputable contractor for residential wastewater treatment

When choosing a contractor to build a wastewater treatment system, the investor needs to ask the consulting and design unit to commit to fully meet the current regulations and standards. At the same time, it is responsible for warranty and test operation to ensure stable operation before officially handing over to the Apartment Management Board for operation.
Some notes when operating the apartment wastewater treatment system After putting into operation, to ensure the apartment wastewater treatment system operates effectively and stably, the Management Board should pay attention to the following issues:
  • Periodically check the operating status of processing equipment such as pumps, air blowers, automatic electrical systems. Regular maintenance, timely replacement of failures.
  • Strictly monitor parameters of flow, pollution concentration and treatment efficiency. Take samples of wastewater periodically for analysis and evaluation to ensure environmental standards.
  • It is strictly forbidden to discharge hazardous waste, toxic substances that are likely to cause explosion or adversely affect the wastewater treatment operation of the system.
  • Strengthen propaganda, disseminate knowledge about environmental protection to raise awareness of residents in the use and discharge of waste. Limit littering, plastic, leftovers causing pipeline blockages or overloading of wastewater treatment stations.
Natural Star is a reputable contractor in the field of wastewater treatment and environment, with a team of experienced engineers, good expertise to bring customers absolute trust, meet the wastewater standards prescribed by the state.

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